Additive Typing Lessons - Using it

Open the program
To find the button, right-click on a toolbar, and click Customize...
The program is also in the Tools menu of Firefox.
Start Typing
The WPM timer starts at the first letter typed and stops at the end of the line.
If you are interrupted while typing, click the Cancel Drill button so you won't get a low score.
You can also cancel a drill by hitting the esc key on your keyboard.

There are 26 lessons. Each lesson generates an endless number of one-line drills.
Lesson 13 introduces capitalization.
To type a capital letter, press the shift key with the little finger of the opposite hand.
Lesson 22, sentences, has sentences that have every letter of the alphabet.
Lesson 23 is the closest to normal sentences in terms of frequency of letters.
You can create 50 additional lessons.
Your wpm(words per minute) and errors count are shown after each drill.
After you have 15 scores, the oldest score is dropped when a new score is added.
The best-ever scores appear only after 15 scores have been added.
You must have 15 scores to improve on a best-ever score.

You can stretch the window wider to fit more words on a line.
You can shrink the window from the top or bottom until only two text boxes are visible.
The program will remember the dimensions that you sized it to.

Invisible Typing: to practice typing without seeing what you are typing in.  
Because in the real world you may have to type in what is on a paper or in a book and
 you can't waste time looking back at the screen to see if you typed it right.

Backspace setting : how many characters are backspaced over when you mistype a letter.  
The greater the number, the more carefully you'll type.
You have a different set of scores for each of the backspace settings.

In the colors window, you can type in a color name or color value (then wait 3 seconds).
There are no options to change the colors of buttons or labels.
In the colors window, you can click the "Addictive Typing Lessons" textbox to get back to the default colors.

The Today box in the upper right corner:
The time above is the time spent typing since you opened it. It's 0:00 on every open.
The time below is the time spent typing today. It uses 5:00am as the start of a new day.

You can use the down arrow key on your keyboard to skip lines.

If you finish typing a line on the hour or half hour, the time of day will briefly appear in the textboxes.

When typing a user-designed story lesson:
    You can use the up and down arrow keys to move thru a story.
    Use the home key on your keyboard to go back to the start of a story.
    Or you can drag the story slider to move thru a story lesson.
    You can switch between normal, shuffled or wrapped order of a story.

There are no sounds in the program.  
The program makes no adjustments depending on how you are typing.

You don't have to be online to use the program.
The program never connects to the Internet, except to open an instructions page.

In the main window, if you click in the "Today" box the program will come to the front 30 seconds later.
Which is useful if you want to watch a full-screen video in Firefox and do some typing at the same time.

If the program is acting oddly, try deleting scores using the scores list box window.

Your scores and other typing data are saved in the chrome folder in your Firefox profile.
Where Firefox stores your bookmarks, passwords and other user data

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