Using it

Which Fingers Type Which Keys
Num Lock / * -
7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3 Enter
0 .

I found a web page with a short video of Numpad Typing Drills

Keys Examples
1 - 9    47414    54565    21232    69636    87898    58525
+    17834+62468    63272+52886    28753+59263
0    50314+70921    90988+20571    80101+70038
.    261.15+645.02    823.91+741.05    559.81+439.84
/    949.42/676.97    203.40+24.11    244.32/227.40
*    175.78*958.38    977.26*352.57    985.68/538.10
-    791.03-423.67    247.66*334.19    824.91/269.10

numpad typing drills numpad typing drills

Numpad Typing Drills 1.5 Find the numpad button button by right-clicking on a toolbar, then drag the button to a toolbar.
Numpad Typing Drills 1.4 Start by clicking on the  numpad icon  in the status bar, to open the Numpad Typing window.

Start typing on the numpad keys to start a 30-seconds drill.

Type the numbers you see, then hit Enter with your little finger, then keep typing.
Try not to look at the keys. You're supposed to memorize the keys.

The first drill is the 1-9 keys in easy patterns.
Once you're good at it, go to the next level.
The 12 lessons generate an endless number of 30-seconds drills.
The program saves 15 scores for each of the 12 lessons in the 2 error modes.
Try for a little progress each day. If your hand hurts, stop typing.

The timer starts at the first number typed and stops after 30 seconds.
When the timer starts, some of the buttons gray out.
If you are interrupted while typing, click Cancel Drill or type the esc key so you don't get a low score.

Most of the keys are taught in 2 lessons. The 1st lesson of each pair is easier than the 2nd.
For example, because of the keys distance, it's easier to type 7/9 than to type 0/3.
The 1st lesson for the / key would not have you type 0/3. The 2nd lesson would.

Your characters-typed count and errors count are shown for each drill.
When the timer ends, even a partly-typed number-set will be added to your score.

After you have 15 scores, the oldest score is dropped when a new score is added.
The best-ever scores appear only after 15 scores have been added.
A new best-ever score blinks for a moment. You don't have to pause while it's blinking.

Your scores are saved only when you exit the program.
Your scores are saved in numpadtyping_scores.txt in your Firefox chrome folder.

To figure your keys-per-minute(kpm), multiply your score by 2.

Backspace On Error
Backspace One: Use it when you are first learning the keys, to make it easy.
Backspace All: To make errors annoying, so you learn to type more accurately.
Each lesson has a set of scores for each of the 2 backspace options.
When you change the backspace option, it will switch the set of scores.

There is an option for the decimal separator because some countries use a comma instead of a period.   Wikipedia: Decimal separator

Right-click on numpad icon to place it anywhere on any toolbar.

The Today box
The time above is time spent typing since you opened it. It's set at 0:00 on each open.
The time below is time spent typing today. It uses 5:00am as the start of a new day.

There are no sounds in the program.
The time of day will appear in the textboxes if you finish a drill on the hour or half hour.

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